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Looking Around to start your Marketing.!!! Here what you can do with us.

Our services includes mailing server setup for your campaign. You can simply buy plan from us if you are having small lists and want to send for a limited time to limited users. it's very easy and quick to start your mail marketing with low price.

If you have big lists than we can provide you server if you already don't have and can setup PowerMTA and a mailing application such as Mailwizz, Interspire, phplist, Mailtrain, Acelle and other so you can manage your lists and see the open and click from that application.


Getting Issues with your running server Don't worry..!!! We are here to give you assistance on that..!!

We are capable to provide you assistance on your current running server if you hit any issue and your old email marketer is not available and you are not famailar with PowerMTA setup just ping us and We will sort that out for you.

Don't have clean list.. Bought List from somewhere.. don't panic we can clean your lists and reduce the hard bounces from your list and minimize blacklisting chances.

Don't have Server.. Ask us and we will provide you mail server, Bulletproof SMTP or already installed with PowerMTA and Mailwizz packages.. just Ready to go server with daily sending rate as per plan.


We Provide quality server setup for bulk mailing for your business. If you are either enduser or a company we are always here to assist you.

Mail Server Setup

A Strong mail server setup for your Email Marketing with all authentication SPF, dkim, Dmarc, Ip rotation, domain rotation, RDNS ETC..

PowerMTA Setup

PowerMTA is the world’s best SMTP Email server software to send unlimited emails with good results and 100% delivery.

BulletProof VPS

Do you need a platform with complete freedom of hosting and freedom of speech.With our promise of 100% uptime, you are getting good deal.

BulletProof SMTP

An SMTP server is an application that’s primary purpose is to send, receive, and/or relay outgoing mail between email senders and receivers.

Data Extraction Tools

We have google map and facebook data extration data tools to collect verified data from these platforms. Just ping our live chat for this service.

Email Server Management.

We can manage your server for ip and domain blacklisting, spam attacks, ip and domain reputation. Give you content suggestion for good mailing.

Why choose us?

We are Email Marketing Experts and focused to provide quality service to grow your business.


With our services you will get a quality assistance as per your need. This is one place stop where you can get all answers of your questions. We feel happy to give our assistance.

Our main focus is just mail marketing and Management do understand how important it is for your business. We give your 100% so your business can grow by using our services. We really understand that if you will grow we will grow it's very simple. :)


We are a complete team who assist you under their expertise fields. Like abuse issues will be handles by abuse Team, Warmup process will be done by our another experienced Team.


We Listen your each and every question and assist you on that to make you satisfy. We provide you support Skype And Email Most of the hours

Value For Money

We Do not prefer to charge you everytime. when there are small assistance we feel happy to assist you without further cost by maintaining same quality of service.






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Frequently Asked Questions

Find Your query here..!!! if you don't find anything here just ask us in contact form.

  • Warmup Process improve you Server IP reputation that you are going to use to send mail in bulk. intially server ip's are natural but as per the IP's behaviour they flaged as poor or good. If you are sending mails without Email authentication, to non-targeted audiences, on hard bounces.. your IP's will be blacklisted soon and your mails will stop to deliver.

    So we first check the Email authentications and than start the Warmup process so that your IP's reputation can improve and your delivery rate can improve. it's very good practice when you planing to send on big and verified and targeted audiences. Due to reputated IP's Delivery Rate increased and you can get More Open/Clicks.

  • Email Authentications are important to determine if the origin of the mail and sender is genuine. These are few Terms SPF, DKIM, DMARC, RDNS these are the important part of Email authentications. When sender is genuine Inbox delivery chances increased. otherwise mails lend to the spambox all the time. for Inbox delivery Email authentications plays crucial part. but for inbox delivery there are many other factors too.

  • Inbox delivery is very crucial part in Email Marketing Industry. But there is lots of hard work needed to deliver mail into inbox and to maintain that inbox delivery same amount of efforts needed.

    There is not simple method to deliver the mails in inbox. There are multiple factors below are some of :-

    1. Email authentication :- First and Crucial part in Email marketing if you don't have this enabled your mails will not deliver into inbox also your warmup efforts will not work. But just email authentications is not enough.

    2. IP / Domain Reputations :- Reputations is must to do part after email authentication to achieve Inbox delivery. Without Email authentication Reputations process have no use. But above these two is not enough.

    3. Abuse / Complaint Management :- After doing above two points you need to maintain your abuse and complaints. becuase if you will not do your ip's can be blacklisted very quickly.

    4. Targeted Audiences :- Data should not be purchased or old because that kind of data have lots of dead email id's that leads ip's to blacklist.

    So these few points as mentioned plays important role for inbox delivery.

  • PowerMTA is Mail Transfer Agent like postfix and exim. PowerMTA also called as PMTA in short. It is used or popular to send out mails in very large amount with many backoff rules and limitation as per individual receipients. It can send Millions of mail in minutes or hours as per the server capacity. PowerMTA is widely used these days in Email Marketing Industry.

    Mailwizz, Interspire, Sendy, Phplist, acelle.. and others there are many Applications that handle the frontend that provides the GUI to user. by using these kind of application users can use PowerMTA for sending Bulk emails. Users can upload the list, export the list, create template either HTML or TEXT format, create campaign and send the mails to the uploaded lists. There are many other funcationality that user can use from these applications.

  • You can use this service when you have bought your list from anyone or downloaded from anyother sources and now you are not sure how much data is still active in this list so we verify the Email address and clean your list by just giving your active and valid email address. It's very useful when you want to start the Marketing and don't want to get blacklisted.

  • BulletProof Servers are normal server but these have some extra benefits when you are using to sending mail in bulk. You are allowed to send the mails as much as you want but as per server capacity you choose those are included in plans. For More information just ask us.